SKALA's mission is for people to emotionally open up, so they leave feeling emotionally escalated, or what she likes to call it “eSKALAtion”. The passionate producer from Berlin has been making music since she was a child and combines her background in piano music with her current Melodic Techno productions. Her tracks sound like a perfect symbiosis of heavy bass lines and airy melodies which have been released on well known labels like Katermukke, Stil vor Talent or Tiefdruckgebeat.

Past gigs

and festivals

Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Polygon, Heinz Gaul, Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Anomalie Art Club, Rummelsbucht, Baalsaal, Mensch Meier, Reinecke Fuchs, Musikbunker, Klunkerkranich, Silq, Wilde Renate, Birgit & Bier, Oh Baby Anna, Radio Label Bar, Viertel Klub (Basel), Ponte 51 (Naples), The Burdekin Hotel (Sydney), The Flinders (Sydney), The Bavarian (Sydney), Carnaboat (Sydney), Vibe Tribe (Newcastle), Summer Love (Sydney) 

Garbicz Festival, Katzensprung Festival, Artbase Festival, Zurueck zu den Wurzeln Festival, Zug der Liebe

Tech Rider